I’m a User Interface Visual & Interaction Designer, Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Rapid Prototype expert and occasional sketchbook drawing fanatic who specializes in designing software interfaces and brand identities. People hire me because I help make their software look great and easy to use, resulting in satisfied clients and profitable businesses.  I'm a big believer in user-centered design practices, which I've utilized as an individual and as a team leader.

Companies I've worked for include Microsoft (ACES, Forza Motorsport, UXLT People Group, Startup Business Group, Project Siena, KENT, Hardware UX Design Group)  Fox Pictures, MGM, DreamWorks, VM Labs (NUON technology), Microprose, Info World magazine, and many more. 

My passion for sketchbook drawing inspired me to organize a drawing group called the Sketch Pistols Seattle where we visit different locations in and around the city of Seattle and sketch the environment (or whatever inspires us!)


What people are saying about working with me: 


"I worked with Dave for almost 2 years while he worked as an interaction designer as part of my Microsoft Surface Design Team. I have been consistently impressed by both his attitude towards his work and his performance on the job. His interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to develop productive working relationships with the broader team and his illustration and design skills have greatly impacted the team’s ability to quickly deliver on a variety of projects. Dave possesses solid communication skills and has an excellent eye for design and experience, whether it’s part of a hardware solution, print, or digital. His abilities as an Interaction Designer and Visual illustrator enable him to bring to life his design thinking quickly and effectively. His ability to think holistically about the problem space and integrate hardware, software, and services together make him a valuable contributor to any team. I recommend him for employment without reservation. Please let me know if you need further information."   Vince Ball,  Manager of Interaction Design - Surface

"It was my great pleasure to work with David. David worked very effectively with the technical team to design multiple user interface schemes for the NUON DVD players and enhanced DVD titles. He designed artwork that took full advantage of the platform features and minimized effects caused by the platform limitations. He is always very diligent with his work and works well on multiple projects simultaneously. "- Mindy Lam, Lead engineer at VM Labs
"Dave has a great eye for design.  He has learned a tremendous amount from talented UX people within Microsoft working on our top tier products.  Besides being a determined worker, Dave is a pleasure to be around and contributes to positive team dynamics.  Most folks in ACES will echo what I have just said." - Peter Zahn, 3D Environment Artist at Aquent 
 "Dave is a very talented, disciplined, and creative artist that I have the utmost respect for.  He's an easy-going guy who's a pleasure to work with, brings a lot of enthusiasm to his projects, and is quite versatile, with talents that range from UI design/graphics, to 3D modeling/texturing, to hand-drawn cartoons and illustrations.  Dave can do it all, and I recommend him for it all!" - Larry Ahern, Owner/Creative Director (Designer/Writer/Art Director) at Flying Leap Studios